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Aerospace is an industry where reliable, high-quality components, equipment and spares are essential. From sourcing airworthy components to urgent updates for technical documentation, procuring alternatives for critical but obsolete parts, and optimising your supply chain using real-time data intelligence, our end-to-end support is proven throughout the sector.

Supply chain management is a significant challenge for the Aerospace industry for a reason. Production cycles for common components such as integrated circuits, transistors and diodes last a maximum of five to six years, while aerospace products have a much longer life cycle of 30+ years. This means that vital components and spares often become obsolete, leading Aerospace engineers to seek hard-to-find alternatives on urgent deadlines.

We work with Aerospace organisations all over the world to improve safety standards, optimise supply chains and increase efficiency.

The other areas we cover are:

  • Design Engineering
  • Sustainability Engineering
  • Obsolescence Management and Software
  • Technical Publications and Documentation
  • Codification
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Data Science
  • S-Series Standard Training

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