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Integrated Product Support

Integrated Product Support is the vital link between your portfolio and its performance.

Our Integrated Product Support combines reliability engineering, supply support, technical publications, training, and much more to create a holistic strategy designed to optimise your product life cycles.

IPS is different for every organisation, with a precise balance needed between metrics including reliability, availability, maintainability, cost and more. Our Integrated Product Support Managers are experts in identifying these unique balances, resulting in sustainable systems operating at the lowest life cycle cost.

Proactive Bid Support

Integrated Product Support is a vital part of any successful equipment bid. That’s why our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Managers and Availability Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) Engineers work closely together with your team to provide bid support and consultancy from invitation to tender to post-contract and beyond.

Introducing the S Series

Our S Series e-Learning courses are designed to bring your organisation into the future of Integrated Product (Logistic) Support. With modules on ASD/AIA international standards, operational and maintenance data, data exchange, and much more, the S Series ensures that your organisation is fully prepared for Integrated Product Support.


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