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NATO codification is a critical system that standardises and catalogues items used by the defence and civilian sectors to ensure seamless communication, efficient logistics, and compatibility among NATO members and partners. The NATO Codification System (NCS) plays a pivotal role in enabling member nations to maintain effective, interoperable, and cost-efficient supply chain management.

With over 60 years’ experience, Allan Webb has positioned itself as a pioneer in this field through its comprehensive range of codification services; including support, training and consultancy. Our team are intimately familiar with tools used by UK and International Codification Bureaus. We also assist non-NATO nations in adopting the NATO Codification System, to improve interoperability and logistics management, providing ongoing consultancy and support when required. 

Codification Support

Our codification support services are designed to streamline the process of cataloguing and managing items within the NCS. We provide comprehensive support for the entire codification lifecycle, from data screening and data acquisition & validation, to the final submission of information to the relevant national or international authorities.

Our skilled codifiers ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and compliant with the NCS guidelines; including checking for errors, inconsistencies, and duplications in the item data and rectifying any issues before submission. The team conducts thorough research and analysis of technical documentation, drawings, and specifications to accurately codify items in accordance with NATO standards.

Codification Consultancy 

We provide consultancy services to help organisations navigate the complexities of NATO Codification. Our team can assist you in creating robust policies and procedures tailored to your specific requirements and conduct thorough assessments to ensure that your processes adhere to NATO guidelines.

Codification Training 

Allan Webb is also an industry leader in NATO Codification training, offering a range of courses to cater the various experience of our customers. Our courses range from introductory e-Learning courses, to more advanced classroom based training. We can also offer customised solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

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