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Data Intelligence

Your organisation is only as good as its data – but are you using your data effectively? 

We help businesses unleash their true potential by unlocking data, using over 60 years of experience with data intelligence solutions. Our solutions extend across multiple industries and sectors, including aerospace, defence, maritime, manufacturing, rail, power generation and utilities

What does it mean to unlock your data? Over the last few decades, data has evolved from being well structured and typically housed in single databases and repositories, to the complex “big data” we see all around us. Data is no longer neatly packaged into single silos, ready for traditional analysis. Instead, modern data comes in different varieties and formats – from pictures and video to documents, transactional data, maps, sensor data and more). It lives across multiple systems, databases and silos, both on-site and cloud-based, and it is often not designed to interact with other data sources.

This leads to inconsistent data quality, hundreds of hours lost on inefficient processes and analytics, and poor decisions made due to incomplete datasets. But our solutions are data-led, rather than data-driven – and that means that when we unlock your organisation’s data, we also unleash its full potential.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning solutions are revolutionising the way we process, analyse and exploit data.

State-of-the-art advances in deep learning and natural language processing have allowed us to create innovative bespoke AI solutions for an incredible variety of functions. These include both standard supervised (regression, Support Vector Machines, decision trees and random forests) or unsupervised (clustering, dimensionality reduction, association rule mining) machine learning methods.

AI and Machine Learning solutions are highly secure, powerful and can be tailored to almost any requirement necessary; including the handling and processing of big data sets and the automation of analytics and reporting. Their algorithms can be trained to learn from data processes to improve the accuracy of their calculations on a continuous basis.

Data Analytics and Intelligence

Even the most complex and comprehensive dataset should be intuitively easy to read.

We can work with tools including Tableau, Microsoft’s Power BI, Python and R to create real-time dashboards and visualisations.

We identify your most critical data, finding the information most likely to provide value to your organisation – and then we begin a comprehensive, scalable analysis for better decision-making, improved outcomes and bigger returns on investment.

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