Safety Critical Support Engineering

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Safety Critical Support Engineering

Support Engineering is not simply about saving costs – it’s also about saving lives.

From defence, aerospace and marine to rail and medical, many of the industries we work with are sectors where the health and safety of both employees and customers can become seriously threatened by unexpected asset downtime or failure. Our experts work with your team to produce thorough system asset management support that takes safety-critical assets and components into account, not just meeting but exceeding essential Health and Safety obligations.

At design and development stage, our experts undertake rigorous analysis, simulations, and testing to validate the safety and reliability of our clients’ system; working closely to understand their unique requirements to deliver innovative solutions that meet stringent safety standards without compromising performance or functionality.

AWL also offers comprehensive safety assessment and analysis services for assets in-service, helping clients identify and mitigate risks associated with their safety-critical systems. We employ advanced techniques, such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), to evaluate potential failure modes and their consequences. By systematically analysing system components and interactions, Allan Webb can develop risk mitigation strategies and safety recommendations tailored to clients’ specific needs. Where required, we can also provide customised training programs that cover essential safety topics, such as system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This proactive approach ensures that safety-critical systems operate reliably and safely throughout their lifecycle.

Safety Certification and Compliance Support”Developmental Stage Analysis

Allan Webb is committed to helping clients achieve safety certification and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations, providing expert guidance and support throughout the certification process. With a team of skilled engineers and safety experts, we can develop reviews, testing, and independent audits, to confirm that systems meet design specifications and safety requirements. We can also identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in safety-critical systems, providing clients with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance system safety and performance.

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