Obsolescence Management

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Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence is unavoidable and can have a huge impact on the sustainability of your asset, potentially causing significant safety, efficiency, productivity, or cost issues throughout its lifecycle. 

Our Obsolescence Management (OM) philosophy is to be proactive and start as soon as possible. Many businesses leave the obsolescence planning associated with platforms, systems, and production lines until it is too late, resulting in unplanned downtime, costly replacements, or even more costly redesigns when replacements are no longer available. 

Our team of OM specialists can help you identify, qualify, and mitigate these risks and their associated impact from design stage, right the way through to disposal and end of life of your asset.

Our Proactive Approach

Regardless of what stage of the Asset Lifecycle we join you on, our team can work with you to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your obsolescence risk and its implications and can therefore make informed decisions on mitigation practices that best suit your business requirements. Working to IEC62402 OM 2019 standards, we have extensive experience in providing OM support across a range of items spanning electronic components, mechanical parts, oils, chemicals, and software. 

Our team can work with you to develop robust and bespoke Obsolescence Management Strategies and Plans, run risk and impact assessments, and provide detailed reports outlining proposed mitigation solutions. We can also provide ongoing support through monitoring and statusing, and providing Product Change Notices of your asset’s items list. Upon identification of obsolete items, our team can also research and propose any potential replacements that meet the form, fit, and function specifications. 

Through Life Support

There is more to successful proactive OM than simply identifying which assets/items are likely to go obsolete, and when, in order to purchase stock accordingly. Our team takes into consideration any potential technological upgrades and business processes (to support the asset through its life) that can potentially improve the asset’s overall performance and mitigate long term obsolescence risk impacting usability. 

It is also vital that up-to-date data is used when evaluating your asset and its supply chain. Our team can help you create effective data collection and management strategies to ensure that the data set you are using is fit for purpose throughout the asset lifecycle. 

We take into consideration the people and processes in place to support the in-service management of your asset, using Predictive Future Operating Models to help you to identify potential risks in your lines of supply and current business processes.

We also review the end of life process of the asset, ideally as early on in its lifecycle as possible. If done correctly, this may bring about more commercial and supportability opportunities, and may even mean that the asset has an end of life value and can be recycled. We work hard to ensure that you are compliant with all industry guidelines, regulations, and procedures for disposal. 


DiamondOM® – Asset Management Tool

DiamondOM® has been developed by our Obsolescence Management experts to provide a complete proactive obsolescence management environment with a wide range of supportability services that can be used to augment an existing OM capability; enabling real-time asset availability and solution demands, allowing for informed decision making.

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