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Introduction to CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is “a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates”.

CSR within Allan Webb Limited, or AWL, refers to the way in which we regulate ourselves in order to ensure that all of our activities positively affect society as a whole. Our CSR policy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that any and all business undertakings are conducted ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business and our commitment to our stakeholders.

AWL are committed to meet (wherever possible), any relevant legislation or guidelines. If legislation does not exist in a particular area, we would endeavour to carry out best practice.

Who we are and what we do

AWL are a privately-owned company operating with a robust corporate governance framework and delivering a portfolio of engineering support and data intelligence services to fit its Client base. Working predominantly in the UK and International defence and security market requires AWL to trade with various Government agencies and Private Sector companies whereby the need for a robust CSR policy is a prerequisite to contracting, helping protect ourselves, our Clients and our Supply Chain in regard to compliance.

In terms of guidelines regarding accepting work on ethical grounds, AWL predominately provides supportability services in respect of large defence assets and platforms, such as fleet vessels and vehicle fleets. Whilst there is not currently a prescriptive policy in terms of future work, the senior management team considers projects on a case-by-case basis, including the ultimate intended use and function of the assets or systems. By way of an example, the business would not work on weapons systems which would be likely to inflict collateral damage on civilians [Please note: AWL are considering formalising guidelines on the topic in the future].

  • Allan Webb has policies in place to ensure that we mitigate the risk of modern slavery occurring within our own business, our supply chain and any business relationships we have.
  • Allan Webb undertakes rigorous due diligence when working with any business to pre-screen and perform risk assessments to ensure they have effective safeguarding measures in place and meet the criteria that we require in order to work with us.
  • Our contractual documentation incorporates specific prohibition against bribery, modern slavery and unethical practices, so that we are clear from the outset our stance against these practices and that we are committed to ethical behaviours.
  • We are wholly committed to our legal and moral obligation to the environment and support this by maintaining our commitment to ISO14001:2015 throughout our business and supply chain.
  • Diversity and inclusion is the backbone of who we are as an organisation. We continue to build and promote an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and in our industry. It fuels our innovation and connects us closer to our customers and the communities we serve. As part of our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, we are proud supporters of Mental Wellbeing Programs in the Workplace, Women in Defence and the Armed Forces Covenant.

Looking after Employees

As part of our commitment to our employees, there have been many innovations put in place to support employees changing lifestyles, facing medical issues or dealing with work/life balance commitments. AWL prides itself on its employees and the work they do, so taking care of them is our top priority. Some of the changes and ways that we have sought to help and support our employees’ wellbeing are below.

  • “Mental Health matters” and to support this, AWL offers a flexible ‘Agile’ working environment in recognition of the diverse work-home life balance that exists in today’s society
  • AWL has extensive health and safety policies in place to ensure that staff are acting safely, and their physical and mental health are prioritised in the workplace. These range from first aid procedures and investigations, to visual display and computer safety for office and home working environments. These are regularly reviewed and updated with any changing needs of the business and the workplace.
  • Personal development is actively encouraged at AWL, with employees able to take courses and qualifications to help further them in their career, whether this be at AWL, or elsewhere in the industry/their career.
  • Annual performance reviews take place with the emphasis on ensuring that everyone at AWL has the correct tools and support in place to continue to achieve. Recognising greatness and understanding where further support may be required are an integral part of this.
  • Companywide briefings are held regularly to update all employees on the welfare of the company, the direction it is taking and any news that they may need to be aware of. People HR is used to send out communications and share documents widely to all AWL employees.
  • Since agile working has become more commonplace, online meeting software and, where applicable work mobile phones have been adopted across the business.
  • AWL have equality and whistle blowing policies in place to ensure that all its employees feel safe and are treated fairly, with opportunities to report any wrong doing in a secure and trusted environment. This empowers our employees to speak out against any behaviours that go against our core values.
  • Allan Webb are committed to any of its employees that are Military Reservists. With a Reservist policy in place, AWL allows up to 10 days additional paid leave for the attendance of Reservist training, and makes allowances for mobilisation in order for its employees to continue their employment once demobilised.


Our customers are the highest priority for all Allan Webb staff. We demonstrate this through:

  • Listening to and understanding customer requirements to ensure we provide clear, comprehensive and precise proposals.
  • Ensuring the supply of our products and services is consistent and to the highest quality.
  • Respecting our commitments to our customers, particularly on delivery times and product safety.
  • Providing impeccable follow-up and support for the products and services supplied.

Allan Webb also understands the importance that all our business undertakings are conducted in strict compliance with national and internal regulations on fair-trading, export/re-export control rules and other restrictions and economic sanctions in force. During any bid phase, Allan Webb will consider closely both where the customer is from and where the end user is based. In the event this highlights a potentially contentious situation, the Senior Management team for the business will review each situation, with a no-bid decision being made if it is felt to be against the ethics of the business.

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