Configuration Management

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Configuration Management

Configuration management is crucial for maintaining consistency and reliability across all components of a system. By implementing a robust strategy, organisations can streamline processes, minimise errors, and adapt to changing requirements.

Configuration Management is often paired with Asset Management for best results, but it is vital to understand that they are both very different things. Configuration Management tracks and maintains the utility, function and availability of an asset, ensuring that it continues to operate to build standard throughout its entire lifecycle.

Reverse Engineering Asset Configurations

One of the most valuable capabilities in our range of configuration management support is our ability to reverse engineer lost configurations or technical data for existing assets.

Your data is almost as important as the assets themselves – and our reverse engineering support is designed to make sure that even if it is lost, you can still retrieve it.

Alongside our ability to reverse engineer configurations, we can also prevent any need for this support in future, with detailed and comprehensive configuration management that tracks service configuration, item-level configuration and more.

Reverse Engineering Asset Configurations

A truly effective configuration strategy involves processes, people, assets and technology. It’s a holistic approach encompassing both the big picture and the little details underneath.

We work with you to create proactive strategies for up-to-date configuration management, identifying requirements, documenting necessary changes and testing adherence to guidelines and regulations.

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