Safety Engineer/Manager

Allan Webb Ltd are looking to recruit a Safety Manager to expand our services into our core customers in which we have a number of framework contracts that we are looking to further exploit. This is an exciting opportunity to join Allan Webb with good career progression as we continue on an impressive growth path.  The role will be Bristol based but with a combination of agile and remote working.

We are looking for candidates who have experience in Safety Management and Project orientated Safety Management Systems (POSMS).

Specialisms Required

•           Safety Legislation, Regulation, Standards, Conventions and Policy.

•           Safety Management Systems.

•           Safety Management Planning.

•           Through Life Safety Management.

•           Safety Case Management and Reporting.

•           Safety Hazard/Risk Management and Reporting.

•           Safety Hazard Log Management.

•           Management and Reporting of Safety Related Aspects of Performance Measurement, Compliance Monitoring and Change Control.

​ Desirable Experience

​•           Safety management plans;

•           Safety case artefacts;

•           Safety hazard logs;

•           Safety case reports.

•           Practitioner level experience of DE&S safety management systems and processes including POSM;

•           Practitioner level experience of leading safety management tasks in DE&S.;

​•           The SM will be required to:

  • Deliver against the overarching programme and establish the safety management plan;
  • Produce and/or assure safety artefacts to time and quality requirements.

​•           Practitioner level experience of:

  • Safety Management Plans;
  • Safety Case / Safety Case Reports;
  • Physical and functional safety hazard/risk management;
  • Safety Hazard Logs;
  • Operation of safety review meetings.

DT Desirable Skills

•           Working within the ATM domain including applicable MAA Regulatory Publications (MRPs).

•           Knowledge of CBRN Safety

•           Working within IBOC Programmes of work.

•           eCassandra.

​Our customers demand confidentiality and discretion. You will require the right to work in the UK.  The successful candidate will also need to hold SC level security clearance.

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