Codification in the Utilities Sector

Allan Webb undertook data cleansing in accordance with the NATO codification system for a large power company in Indonesia. As well as cleansing the data, we delivered three week-long training courses to ensure the company was able to take control of its inventory.

The Challenges

Our client had a large volume of items within their stores and supply chain, but had no formal method of ascertaining the correct item specifications and valid sources of supply.

A more complete and robust system was needed to help track and understand the items they had, so the company could be more efficient and avoid downtime.

Our Solution

We were provided access to our client’s inventory management systems, enabling our team to utilise our bespoke software. We screened items against NATO codification systems and divided the results into three categories:

1 – Confirmed as an existing NATO stock number (NSN)
2 – May be recorded against an existing NSN but requires validation  
3 – Cannot be matched to an existing NSN and requires codification

Our training expert then delivered three week-long training courses at our client’s location in Indonesia, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to codify items to NATO standards.

Benefits / Outcomes

Following our work, many duplicate items of supply were identified, so we were able to reduce the number of stored items the company needed. Data is now consistently recorded using the NSN format to ensure greater efficiency in the future.

Alternative procurement channels were also made available after screening out to existing NSNs preloaded with NCAGEs, which identify approved suppliers.  Most importantly, existing descriptive data has been recorded in a standard and searchable format, guaranteeing fit, form and function, so our clients can easily identify the right piece of equipment for the right job.