New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) – Integrated Logistics Support Framework Enhancement

Allan Webb Ltd supported New Zealand Defence Force in developing and implementing an enhanced and tailored ILS Framework. 

The Challenges

The ILS Framework (incorporating ILS policy, processes and procedures) was being applied inconsistently across the defence estate, and there was a need to identify best practice that could be incorporated into the ILS Framework to be applied across NZ Defence. At the same time NZDF were developing a new Capability Management System (CMS) to standardise the development and delivery of Capability. The revised ILS Framework would need to be fully integrated into the CMS.

Our Solution

AWL adopted a 3 phase approach to this programme: Design, Build and Delivery. 

ILS SMEs were embedded in the NZDF team to understand the current Framework and ascertain how to best tailor the content to meet the client’s needs and organisational strategy.  AWL revised the ILS Framework and embedded review points within the CMS that integrate the ILS functions to achieve optimum through life support capability for capability projects. This was reinforced by a TNA process, which was used to develop a fit-for-purpose and comprehensive training package to be delivered to the key stakeholders involved with the framework going forward.

Benefits / Outcomes

AWL has successfully implemented a portfolio of best-practice ILS policy, processes and procedures, all fully integrated with the NZDF’s CMS. Training was conducted to ensure that the major stakeholders were fully aware of the revised ILS Framework and how it should be applied within the context of the CMS. This standardisation of approach has facilitated better performance reporting, and project comparisons in respect to the identification and quantifying of project benefit and risk.


“We are already seeing a positive change benefit from the ILS framework. Requirements managers and delivery project managers are better appreciating ILS and TLS needs and ILS artefacts are more robust following the redevelopment of this framework.
Whilst the initial introductory and practitioner training courses from Allan Webb were a success, the NZDF have determined to modularise the content moving forward. This will allow us to deliver future training in a more timely, just in time approach to meet our needs. We have also developed an executive overview for delivery to all 1* and above personnel.”

– Mr Morgan J Proctor
  Director of Supply Chain Management, Defence Logistics Command
  New Zealand Defence Force