Supply Chain Support to Trident Systems Project Team

Allan Webb Ltd provided Supply Chain Support to Trident Systems through a dedicated programme of work that ranged from the creation of a Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Logistics Training Course, to development of a comprehensive suite of processes and procedures required to support Dreadnought Build and In Service SWS Supply Chain support arrangements. Day-to-day guidance and mentorship was supplied on an ad-hoc basis to provide a flexible and agile support arrangement to the SWS team.

The Challenges

Deliverables covered a wide range of activities spanning the entire support chain with particular focus on the Build and In-Service activities. For Dreadnought build this required development of new processes and solutions that successfully merged the supply chains of the United Kingdom and United States to ensure an aligned and sustainable supply support solution and coherent ways of working are maintained through multinational collaboration.

The greatest challenge in respect of In Service activity was the development of an SWS Logistics Training Course covering all aspects of SWS unique Inventory Management and Logistic processes. The training was required to address a number of complex, and tightly controlled processes that are required to be understood by a variety of different users.

Our Solution

Build Activity

The solution used was a rollout of various UK MoD systems including CRISP and MJDI with supporting processes and interfaces captured in dedicated Job Instruction Sheets. A detailed understanding of existing support arrangements had to be merged with new processes to ensure the support solution was both effective and integrated with SWS and Polaris Sales Agreement (PSA) and Defence Logistics Framework (DLF) regulations. Support was also provided to Dreadnought Supply and Support Team (DSST) in developing the support solution for the Strategic Weapon Support System (SWSS); this included completion of their input to the Supply Support Development Tool (SSDT).

In Service

The development of a bespoke Training Course was supported through:

  1. The completion of an Outline Plan which required endorsement by MoD to gain their acceptance prior to commencement. 
  2. Construction of a questionnaire to identify Inventory Manager training needs. 
  3. Development of a power-point slide pack consisting of 8 separate subject areas and a scoping document that outlined arrangements for developing an interactive training solution to be completed to meet the customer’s tight timescales.

Emergent Tasking provided invaluable support across a wide range of activities that allowed Trident Systems to positively respond to a range of issues, including COVID-19 response arrangements.

Benefits / Outcomes

All deliverable outputs have been adopted by the customer organisation and are available for further review, including the SWS Logistics Training Course. Processes supporting Dreadnought support arrangements are captured in writing and the Logistics IS are developed for MoD use. Completion of the project provides the customer with a roadmap for taking forward SWSS support.