Allan Webb and DE&S Achieve Runners Up Prize in Innovation Award

Team Defence Excellence Awards

The Excellence Award competition is open to MOD and industry teams (including hybrids of both) within a broad scope of innovative solutions that demonstrate ‘improvements – or potential improvements – to the Defence user’.

It provides an unrivalled opportunity for MOD and Industry to showcase bright ideas and collaborative good practice amongst suppliers, customers and Defence users; whilst celebrating innovative Team Defence activities. Finalists partake in an ideas forum where they share project experiences and good practice with conference delegates and peers.

The entrants were judged on the following criteria:

  • Degree of collaboration involved.
  • Impact of work.
  • Innovative approach.
  • Potential for application in other areas.
  • Ease of implementation.
  • Originality.

Allan Webb submitted a piece in collaboration with MOD DE&S Director Ships Support. The submission outlined our work on Pro-active Obsolescence Management which supports UK Royal Navy through the utilisation of DiamondOM technology.

“We were up against strong competition in the final five entries, so gaining “runner up” was a huge achievement and more importantly shows the contribution we are making to innovation within the Defence sector.”

– Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb.

A Proactive Obsolescence Management Solution

Unforeseen obsolescence issues cost significant amount of unplanned money and can cause loss of equipment capability and increase support costs.

Obsolescence is the number one risk to Support. Pro-active Obsolescence Management (OM) significantly reduces costly resolutions when obsolescence occurs. 

With RAdm Jim Higham as the NCHQ sponsor at project launch, AWL supported DE&S Dir Ships Spt across Type 23, Landing Platform Dock, Single Role Minehunter, Hunt and SDA CSSE across Astute and Vanguard in undertaking proactive Obsolescence Management.

AWL worked with DE&S to enable the collection of data across MOD and Supply Chain, and utilising collaborative working with Ships Obsolescence lead using R&D and novel adaptation of data exploitation techniques, developed an understanding of obsolescence risk for each Platform.

Obsolescence risk was reported at Platform/System/Equipment level.  The impact of this innovative approach enables better forward planning and allows MOD to understand where obsolescence will have the highest impact on the equipment, prioritise effort and enable more cost effective resolutions.

“It was very rewarding gaining TDI Excellence Award “runner up” as this is a defence wide recognition of synergetic innovation in data exploitation and support obsolescence methodology to support and maintain RN resilience in operations” 

– Dr Matt Darkin, MOD DE&S Director Ships Support Obsolescence Lead

n.b. the photographs used in this article have been taken with consideration to COVID friendly practices. All participants maintained social distancing in an outdoors environment for the duration and PPE masks were only removed briefly once outside for the purposes of the photograph.