Proud to Support Gloucester City Mission

Gloucester City Mission is a registered charity that assists the homeless, ‘sofa surfers’, and those in need of support with food and essentials. The small team of permanent staff are aided by over 65 volunteers to ensure the city’s most vulnerable are supported by providing hot meals on Wednesdays and Fridays, distributing food and essentials on Saturday nights, and hosting clinics for medical support five days a week.

Allan Webb provides a tuck shop service for its employees – the profits of which are matched by the company and donated to worthy causes in the area. Recently, Oliver Organ and Richard Allott paid a visit to GCM to donate our latest contribution of £500, which will be put towards the weekly Tuesday evening dinner sessions. We are delighted to continue to support GCM and would urge others to do the same.

GCM relies purely on donations, so if you are interested in contributing any of your time, money, food or essentials please contact the team at, or visit the GCM website to find out more.