Apprenticeship Programme – Molly Rigsby

Allan Webb is proud to support its employees with their professional and personal development. As well as on the job learning, we provide opportunities for our team to complete academic studies, further empowering their day to day roles and career development. 

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve interviewed Molly Rigsby who is currently undertaking an Apprenticeship Programme through the company.

Tell us about the Apprenticeship Programme.

I’m studying a Chartered Managers Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) with the Open University. Upon completion of the course I will hopefully have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Practice and a Chartered Managers status. 

The course is structured as a hybrid between theoretical learning, through the University, and practical application in my day to day activities. As part of the course I have to provide evidence of working in various fields within the company which has been great for my understanding of the interdependencies and roles associated with various departments. I also get to take advantage of a Study Day each week as part of the Apprenticeship Programme requirements which really helps with my work/study/life balance.

Why did you decide to complete the programme through Allan Webb?

When I first joined Allan Webb Ltd, I knew the company was good at developing staff and offering training, however I didn’t think I would be offered the opportunity so soon. 

I had been with Allan Webb for approximately 18 months before my manager approached me with the opportunity to do a degree. A degree was something I never really even considered doing as I just didn’t think it would be for me. I did have to think about whether or not I should proceed, as there’s a lot of work and extra hours involved, however all my colleagues said it would be an excellent career move and that I would be silly not to do it. 

The team at Allan Webb have been so supportive since I started. They’re willing to involve me in new projects, so that I can gain evidence and experience, and are always interested to hear about what I’m studying and how the course is going. They’re also really flexible with working around my study days, which can change based on course deadlines, and has made the whole experience much less stressful and more enjoyable. 

How is the programme helping your career?

Not only will the qualification hopefully enable me to progress to a more senior position; I’m constantly learning and really loving the challenge.

A benefit of working for Allan Webb is that I have a wide variety of talented and experienced colleagues available to assist me when I come across a particularly tough topic. I recently studied an Accountancy module which I found quite difficult, however, our Financial Controller sat down with me and went through my assignment before I submitted.  I found this helped to increase my confidence and improve my understanding on the subject.

I also get the opportunity to gain work experience and earn a living whilst obtaining a professional qualification; something that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I’d gone to University full-time.  

What advice would you give anyone thinking about completing a similar programme?

Do your research on the correct qualification based on what you ultimately want to achieve.

Orginally, I was going to study a Business Management degree over 6 years however the costs associated with that qualification was very high (as you would expect). I then started looking at qualifications funded by the Government Apprenticeship Levy and found the CMDA which also has a Business Management unit.  

Finally, make use of the available resources. Reach out to team members, family and friends for support and advice. Approaching someone who you know has a wealth of experience can really pay dividends in helping shape your understanding of a subject, or even when weighing up the pros and cons of taking on a particular course. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

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