Allan Webb Graduate reaches STEM Milestone

From a young age I have always enjoyed giving back to STEM education, be it tutoring within my High School or to local primary schools. The opportunity to become a STEM ambassador is one that I have jumped on with the support of Allan Webb Limited, to support both my personal growth and that of the company. 

Having recently completed a degree in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath I am passionate about driving STEM subjects forward in young people. I have supported local schools in Young Entrepreneur days, with one team I supported making it to the final at GCHQ in May (which sadly could not take place). 

My 30 hours achievement award came with hard work and dedication, with many of these hours being put in in my own time. I have done 2 days in schools, assisting groups of high school children and pushing them to think innovatively to come up with some brilliant ideas. I also learnt so much from the students myself, with their creative ideas and research broadening my outlook on topics. 

To make up these 30 hours I also had to put in a lot of work myself, attending training days, both online and in person with one being an evening class. I also did a fair bit of prep for the events, and supported my winning group in enhancing their product in the lead up to the GCHQ final before its unfortunate cancellation I can’t wait to continue this work in the future when the world returns to normal!

In the future I intend to continue assisting at these entrepreneur days and also progressing to delivering presentations to advise young people on the potential career paths and opportunities that pursuing a STEM education path can lead to. Here’s to the next 30 hours and the future generation of STEM!     

Lara Botting