Transition in the Middle of a Pandemic – Colin Peace

What could be more uncertain than Transition from Military to Civilian life? Transition in the middle of a Pandemic.

This was the reality facing Colin Peace, Allan Webb’s Project Management Office Manager. Colin has kindly shared with us some of his experiences and how Allan Webb’s dedication to supporting the Armed Forces has helped ease this transition.

My journey in the Forces started way before I joined the Army, with Scouting and the Army Cadets preceding it; therefore it is was no surprise that once I joined the Royal Logistic Corps in 1996 it became all-consuming and culminated in NHS Nightingale and the move to Allan Webb Ltd.

Twenty-four years later, after completing the All Arms Commando course, deploying on countless Operational Tours, providing logistical support to some of the most dynamic and professional units I’ve had the privilege to work with, I found myself in the middle of the pandemic in resettlement. Working with the NHS, construction industry and other partners at the London’s ExCel to create the NHS Nightingale London, I provided strategic planning advice and assistance with the management and control of medical materiel flooding into the facility, in my role as the Technical Warrant Officer.

Having been so mission focussed I returned to my transition with a bump and the impending ground rush. It’s one thing talking about transition, it’s a completely different kettle of fish actually doing it and the roller coaster of emotions it brings is just as challenging as those I faced on Tour or in supporting NHS Nightingale. It’s akin to the grieving process – loss of the known, that community and support that Service life brings and entering the unknown for the first time in 24 years. What would that mean, not just for me but also for my family?

Tentatively putting my CV out for all to see, I was fortunate to secure an interview with Allan Webb Ltd. COVID again changing the way even this process was conducted. Therefore, after several telephone conversations I found myself on an interview via video call. It was clear even at this early stage Allan Webb culture was aligned to supporting Service leavers with an established community perspective not to dissimilar to the forces. I was pleasantly surprised to find them drawing on their own experiences even in the interview, of their own transitions to provide advice and guidance to me on my own journey. It is easy to get ahead of yourself when focusing on securing that next chapter. Taking that condor moment with the Allan Webb team was of such great benefit and value, helping to shape those next steps and settling my family into what I can only describe as a ‘seamless transition’. 

The flexibility, foresight and ability to understand a service leaver’s needs and its people focus sets Allan Webb Ltd apart from the horror stories that you sometimes hear from other colleagues who have embarked on the same process. I have often had to pinch myself in recent days just to make sure it is real!  The Allan Webb community is one that integrates veterans, service leavers, civil services and industry colleagues into a well-knitted network; collaboratively working to support and enhance, not just the company, but each other as well.

Allan Webb is delighted to be able to support veterans, such as Colin, with their transitions from Service. Their skillsets and experiences are vital in helping promote the company as a quality supportability service provider pan industry.

You can find out more about our involvement in the Armed Forces Covenant here:

Supporting Our Armed Forces