In-Service Support Course

Course Dates:

5-7 November 2024

Delivery Options:

Open Public Classroom Course: 3 Days

On-site: 3 Days

Course Overview: 

The course delivers a synopsis of those in-service Support Engineering, Operations Management and contractual activities that must be considered in order to provide successful delivery of best value through life. 

Is this course for me? 

This course is applicable to both public and private sector personnel involved in delivering in-service support. It is applicable to service delivery managers, project managers, equipment support managers, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) engineers, technical through life support managers, commercial and contract managers.

Course Outline

Acquisition and support of new and legacy assets / capabilities are intrinsically linked. With fast technology cycles, obsolescence risk and many asset life cycles extended beyond original disposal dates in the public and private sectors, in service support is becoming more complex. Operating context and operating demands are ever changing within the modern world, with support solutions requiring increasing flexibility and cost reductions through life. This course will explore the aspects of support and asset management from the owner and support agents’ point of view.

Optimisation of whole life support is essential to both the customer and the supplier and the delivery of value solutions is an essential requirement. From the conception of a new asset or capability, in terms of planning and delivery of a new support solution through to optimisation and cost of ownership, the course will explore the aspects of through life support, types of contract and management activities, and optimisation techniques to maintain value through life from inception to disposal. 

Operating Context and Support Options.
Explores the concepts and operational environment for developing In Service Support concepts. We discuss how Legislation and Regulation (ITAR, EAR, and Airworthiness as examples) impacts on and drives support. Exploration of support options, contracting types, and how requirements are captured and formed into a contract. 

Equipment Support Metrics and KPIs.
This Session looks at equipment support metrics, measurements of success, and KPIs.
Activity: Application of support to a project.  How to create the support environment. What roles and responsibilities will we need (supplier and customer), what support infrastructure is required, what will the customer supply and what will we supply? 

Fleet and Asset Management. 
Discusses the techniques that fleet and asset managers use from acquisition to disposal. 
Explores the differences and cross overs of Fleet and Asset Management, discussing configuration management, fleet management techniques, availability targets versus reliability and maintenance and maintaining a safe and compliant capability.

Data Management and Exploitation.
This session discusses the activities that provide a foundation for support optimisation in service. We will explore data exploitation and analytics including FRACAS and DRACAS and Incident management, the use of HUMs data and will explore optimisation techniques throughout the support chain. 

Change Management and Configuration Management.
Session five will look at change and configuration management in support, looking at the whole life configuration of support data from Bills of Materials through to inventory and skills lists and how they interact to provide a safe and maintainable capability.

Software Support and Training Management.
Explores the importance of upkeep of software maintenance and development in a technologically advanced environment, from patching through to licence management and version control software support. We also discuss the importance of training and the updates through life to training solutions both for the client and for the supplier to maintain a qualified and informed user and support environment.

Supply chain mapping and planning. 
Sessions discuss how the value chain elements of supply chain, reverse supply chain, and inventory management impact and support the whole life solution.
A group activity will be conducted as part of this session to design an integrated support chain.

Obsolescence Management. 
The impact of obsolescence, and the importance of a robust Obsolescence Strategy and how to implement proactive obsolescence management underpinned by a risk based approach will be discussed.

Support Network – Operational and Technical Support. 
Using the support chain developed in Sessions six and seven, operational and technical support will be the main topic explored in Session ten and eleven.  Students conduct an exercise to plan the support network and supply chain echelons required for a remotely operated capability to understand the complexities and needs of globalisation on diverse capabilities and technical support.

Whole Life Cost Disposal.
Reviewing what we have learnt on the course we discuss the concept of whole life cost, techniques for calculating costs at acquisition phase, how to implement and plan technical refresh for optimised cost planning, and the application of tracking techniques such as EVM. The planning and legislative compliance of disposal is often a complex area that is often overlooked until the end of a project. We move on to discuss the disposal phase and considerations to achieve the best value at end of life.

Course Locations:

Open Public Classroom Course
Allan Webb’s Public Classroom Courses are delivered at the Delta by Marriott, Cheltenham Chase,
Shurdington Road, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4PB.

If required, and where student numbers justify doing so, the course can be tailored to a specific organisation or industry (whilst retaining all the core elements) and conducted at an individual company’s premises.


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